Harvesting machine mod. EU 2000

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EU 2000 hazelnut and chestnut harvester

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Suction hose length 15000 mm
Suction port characteristics n. 2 mouth Ø 100 mm - n. 1 mouth Ø 120 mm
Selector roller characteristics (cylindrical grid hole diameter) for hazenuts Ø 26 mm - for chestnuts Ø 38 mm
Minimum lifting capacity required of the tractor 800 kg
Minimum tractor power 30 hp
Cardanic shaft's power suggested 35 hp
Length mm. 1500
Width mm. 1800
Height mm. 1650
Weight Kg 400

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The machine is particularly suitable for harvesting forest fruits such as chestnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts etc.; its small size allows it to be used with small and medium power tractors, making it easier to reach the collection areas.

The machine can be used both for harvesting hazelnuts, using the dust-proof cyclone and the sorting roller with 26 mm diameter holes, and for harvesting chestnuts using a sorting roller with 45 mm diameter holes. The considerable length of the flexible suction hose facilitates reaching the product to be collected even in inaccessible areas.


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