Our company represents a valid solution regarding - harvesting - cleaning - drying - transport - storage - processing - of hazelnuts, chestnuts and other forest fruits in shell.

Making use of decades of experience in the nuts sector, the Chianchia company is able to create high quality and reliable systems.


The Chianchia company, located in Cherasco, was founded in 1995 as an iron carpentry shop.

In the 2000s it entered the agricultural sector, specializing in the creation of machinery for the harvesting, cleaning and processing of hazelnuts and other nuts.

Over time the company has acquired recognitions such as "Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana" and numerous technical mentions for the innovations of the machinery present in the various trade fairs.

To satisfy the growing market demand, the company has expanded the range of products, first establishing itself on the local and national territory, to the point of exporting to all parts of the world, consolidating the motto: "Where there is a hazelnut, there is Chianchia"


All machinery is designed and built following standard procedures and is then tested directly in the field before the production and marketing phases.
The production complies with all the requirements of the CE regulations regarding methods of use and safety.

Particular attention is paid to aspects of after-sales technical assistance. In fact, immediate interventions by specialized technicians are guaranteed.

Furthermore, at the headquarters there is a well-stocked spare parts warehouse for assistance interventions in the event of malfunctions.

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